What are skins?

What are skins?

For those new to the site and new to our skins, you may wonder "What is a skin?". A skin is an extremely effective way to protect and personalize all of your electronic devices: phones, laptops, credit cards, wearables, Camera, iPads and so much more from scuffs, scratches, UV rays, dirt, grease and surface water, without adding the bulk and weight of a traditional case/cover.

What are mobile skins?


It is very easy to remove our skins, leaving minimal or no residue behind, and the phone looks as good as new.

smartphone skin from Sleeky India is the best way to protect and personalize your smartphone from day to day use while adding style, grip and texture. Once applied our skins can easily be removed without leaving a sticky residue, should you wish to customize your phone with a new design or color at a later date. Choosing a skin can add serious style to your phone, helping you to stand out from the crowd while protecting your phone from scuffs and scratch Mobile skins and printed skins and also you can customize your skins by uploading your image in the custom products section.

Precision Sleeky India phone skins


We at Sleeky India make sure that there isn’t 0.00mm difference while Accurately designing skins for your Smartphone. Every button, microphone, speaker holes and other cut-outs are completely accessible. Sleeky India Phone skins are Custom designed for every Device model so you're guaranteed a great fit.

Best Mobile skins in India


Sleeky India Skins do not add unnecessary bulk as they measure only 0.22mm in thickness. What our Skins add is just a ton of style and a cool quotient to your Device. Sleeky India Skins are very easy to apply and our instruction manual included in package make it easier for you to apply your skins more perfectly.

What are Mobile wraps? Mobile skins?

The very highest levels of quality are what we aim to achieve while producing every single skin especially for you. Sleeky India Mobile wraps are not just to protect, they are built to delight your senses. An innovative solution for everyone who wants to keep devices original shape and size, without the unnecessary bulk.

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Do phone skins protect your phone?
Do phone skins protect your phone?
Skins VS Case
Skins VS Case