Do phone skins protect your phone?

Do phone skins protect your phone?

Phone skins have been designed specifically to protect your phone from scratches, scuffs, fingerprints, dirt, and even staining. When you purchase a brand new phone, it comes wrapped in a clear plastic film to keep it intact and pristine. Phone skins and wraps achieve the same goal: they protect your phone and keep it looking brand new. However, there is one major difference - phone skins actually look good. In addition, since premium vinyl typically measures 0.2mm thick, skins maintain the dimensions of the device so that it is protected without adding bulk to it.

Do phone skins protects your phone?

Since this is our most frequently asked question, We shall dive into it in More detailed way. However, before we do that, let's have a brief look at phone skins. You can transform the look and feel of your phone with a phone skin, which sticks directly to the rear surface of your device and covers the entire rear surface. A full blog post has been written about it if you're interested: What are skins? Now that we have that settled, let our investigation focus on the protection that phone skins provide.


Just like human beings wear clothes to protect themselves against the outside Environment. In a same way, your phone is similar to your body and needs protection from outside world too. Throughout its lifetime, your phone will undergo a lot of wear and tear. You may drop it down the toilet or it is going to slide across the floor a few times, been knocked off the table once in a while, etc. The fact is, even if you take good care of your phone, it is going to get scratched.

Despite this, phone skins and wraps can help. Contact with rough surfaces is the reason for scratches and scuffs on your phone. If you stop that contact, the scratches will stop. A phone skin prevents your phone from coming into direct contact with surfaces, preventing scratches and scuffs. You get the point, I think you get it - skins prevent scratches.

How mobile skins protects your mobile?


Your phone can suffer a lot from the elements when it is in the natural world. But anyways, You cannot make your smartphone waterproof by wrapping it in a mobile skins. What it will do, however, is preserve your device from the unavoidable weathering effect that inevitably occurs if it is left exposed.

A mobile phone's appearance degrades over time naturally due to weathering, which can include discolorations, unremovable stains, and dirt that cannot be removed. Since your phone is in constant contact with natural stresses - most commonly, friction in your pocket & Normal daily wear & tear - its protective properties are compromised. So why not clean your device every now & then right? well no matter how much you try to clean it,  the Stains, dirt and other stains have incorporated themselves into the body, and there is no restoring them now. Your only option is to cover them up with on of Sleeky India Phone skins.

So, the real question is, how to protect your gadgets from daily wear and tear like we discussed above? Now, as we know that Phone gets stained and scratched when it comes in contact with daily life objects which cannot be avoided at all and even the cases cannot provide protection from that. Read our Skins vs Cases blog to know more about this. The only solution for this problem is to wrap your gadgets in skins to keep them in new condition forever.

does skins damage your phone?


Fingerprints wipe off, that's a fact. When you wipe them off, they reappear shortly afterward. The fingerprints appear on the back of the phone no matter what you do, no matter how thoroughly you clean your hands. So again, only option is to keep your device's clean with Sleeky India Mobile skins.


You will need to answer this question based on what you're looking for. If you want unlimited customization and 100's of design to choose from, but not want to lose device original shape and feel and also want them like new forever then go for our gadgets skins. You ought to use a phone skin if you want to preserve the condition and look of your phone. The truth is, you can even restore a scratched, scuffed, and discolored device with a phone skin. The *0.2mm thin wrapping gives your phone a brand new style, hides the damage beneath, and can have it looking perfect again in no time.

However, A skin alone won't protect device from drops if you're seeking drop protection. Skins are Ultra thin and are not designed to protect from major drops and impacts. So should you consider using a Military grade bulky phone case Instead? Well there is again something major which you must know before deciding what to choose. The case may be able to to protect your phones from outside, but what about inside? Take the case off and see the evidence left behind. If your case is used for too long, dirt can stick to it permanently and dust can cause your gadget to become scratched. Sleeky India skins wraps itself around your device like a peel, leaving no room for the dust or dirt to enter your beloved gadget, being the knight in shining armor. Sleeky India gadget skins use authentic 3M material, which will not leave glue / adhesive marks when removed. But now what.. What's the solution ? Fortunately, a solution exists. With skins only 0.2mm thick, any type of phone skin will fit inside any case.

So, what now? That's right, it's time to shop for some new clothes for your device. 

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