Sleeky India brings to you the coolest new way to make your digital lifestyle more exciting; allowing you to makeover your mobile and digital devices as an expression of your own unique identity. With removable, adhesive-backed, premium vinyl skins that protect and personalize your electronic device at the same time.

Here at Sleeky India, our vision surrenders to one thing, and one thing only, ‘The Customer’s Service’, and we have come a long way proving that with our 1000's of happy and satisfied customers, our Sleeky Gang.

Our goal from day one was to be the best in protection, while still offering an affordable, stylish solution to bulky cases. Being a consumer ourselves, we were often disappointed in cases that hid the very essence of a device. We asked ourselves, what is more important? A stylish phone that we could be proud of? Or an ugly bulky case that often felt like a brick.

Here at Sleeky India, We promise to provide you with best in class services at the most affordable rates.

As Sleeky India grows, we will continue to work to improve design and protection while maintaining the true style of the device. Amen!